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Mycelium Salon is a chair rental hair salon in Rockville, Maryland. Founded by Maayan Birnstein, our team consists of some of the most talented and dedicated individuals you will find doing hair. Each stylist brings their own specialities and unique style of hair dressing to the table. Working as independent stylists under one roof, the team embodies the ability to work together and support one another through shared ideologies and principals. 

You may ask, what is Mycelium? Where does the name originate?

The word “mycelium” is derived from New Latin and Greek origins and means “more than one”.

Mycelium are part of the underground fungal network in which plant life and trees communicate. Mycelium connects individual plants together, to deliver vital nutrients and information. Aiding in the decomposition and regeneration process, mycelia grow quickly under the right conditions. Similar to the community of hair stylists that we have at Mycelium salon, we share a common thread that connects us to one another. 

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